Car heating and air conditioning

Air conditioning maintenance

Just like a refrigerator, your car’s air conditioning system works with a refrigerant gas, which is sent to a circuit through a compressor. This allows for air refrigeration and heat dissipation.

Air conditioning systems are complex and require regular maintenance. In order to preserve their functioning, many elements must be checked on regularly: compressor, condenser, dehydrating bottle, nano-reducer, evaporator, filter, etc.

Air conditioning provides comfort, but also safety. During winter, it allows for heating and drying air inside the vehicle, quickly removing condensation on windshield and windows. When temperatures rise, it allows for refreshing that air, without reducing passengers’ comfort. Certain automatic regulation systems provide a constant temperature, no matter what the weather is outside the vehicle.

The system also filters dirt, dust and polen, during both summer and winter. Filters can become blocked with dirt or polen from the environment, and thus should be replaced at least once a year.

The dehydrating bottle, an essential part of the air conditioning system, filters impurities and humidity in the air contained in he car. It should be replaced at least every 4 years.

Please regularly check the condition of the air conditioning compressor belt if your vehicle features it. A damaged or excessively tense belt could break and trigger a more serious breakdown.

Also regularly use cleaning product to remove bacteria from the air in the vehicle. There might be microbial growth or unpleasant odors, originating inside the air conditioning circuit.