Instalación Car Audio

Audio and video player installation.

We install the car audio or video player of your choice, including re-wiring and/or adapting of the previous electrical installation.

  • Radios
  • DVD players
  • GPS Navigators
  • Digital equipment
  • Power phases
  • Speakers
  • Media systems
  • Back seats trays


Parking sensors

Consisting of 4 ultrasound sensors and a small control module, it uses an ultrasound signal to calculate distance, by sending and receiving this signals, showing readings on a monitor, and warning the driver with a buzz. This system can detect and point out the distance and direction of obstacles located behind or in front of the vehicle and is highly useful as a parking assistant. Alarm sound: >= 50 dB. Shown distance: <1,8 m. Alarm distance: <=1,5 m

GPS navitators

GPS navigator equipment for all brands and models, either equipped with standard or athermic windshields. GPS locators for cars, using a SIM phone card, which can be used for inmobilizing and real-time tracking. GPS located car fleets. For affordable prices, you can always know where your vehicles are located any time, what areas they have covered, routes taken, time spent on each route, etc. This will prove to be an amazingly useful investment.