Car electrical and electronic services

Electrical and electronic devices

High tech professional equipment

  • Bosch and Magnetti Manelli diagnostics equipment
  • Airbag replacments
  • Seat belts tensors
  • Switchboard reset

We replace all devices activated on an accident, seat belts and electronic parts, and reconfigure system control units.

Batteries and alternators. Bateries power the engines, but also the whole electric circuits of the vehicle.

During winter, it becomes uncharged due to low tempreatures. An adpted charger allows for a preventive load before the cold season comes. We can repair and/or replace alternators (using new or refurbished parts) and engines.

Rear position lamps, dipped headlights, anti-fog headlights, direction indicators, windshield and back window cleaners, form a fundamental team for your security and visual comfort, especially when driving during the night or in adverse weathere condition. Good maintenance and alighment of the headlights and other equipment, just at the right angle, and a good functioning of both front and back lights are essential for a posistive technical inspection. One single defective lamp will cause you to go through the technical inspection again. If one of them goes off, the other one is likely to go off too after a few days or weeks. Replace both at the same time. Windshield cleaner should also be checked on at least once a year. The same applies to the back window.